Dr Paul Chiambaretto, a research lecturer at Montpellier Business School, working on the financial performance of European Airlines!

On 4 May, Dr Paul Chiambaretto went to Paris as part of a symposium organised by the French Civil Aviation Authority and the French High Council of Civil Aviation on the topic of “From regulated competition to fair competition”.

In the current regulatory environment, is Europe penalising the competitiveness of its companies? To what point is price competition between major European hubs sufficient to cope with upheavals at the heart of international air geopolitics? To what extent can Europe impose its conditions of competition and its economic and social model on the major players in the global game? So many questions asked as part of this symposium involving research experts in economics and management, competition regulation agencies, foreign and French air transport professionals and the authorities responsible for its regulation.

In the presence of many participants such as Mrs Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport, Mr Alain Vidalies, Secretary of State for Transport or Mr Alexandre de Juniac, Chairman of Air France-KLM, Dr Paul Chiambaretto presented his research for coopetition applied to the aviation sector, of which he is one of France’s specialists. His presentation sought to demonstrate the relevance of this strategy for the aviation sector, while detailing the various actions to be implemented to maximise performance.

“French and European airlines have, in recent years, been faced with an incredible challenge that they are trying to tackle. They face competition that is not always healthy and in which the rules are not the same for all players. What strategies can they implement to remain competitive in an ultra competitive environment? Coopetition is one of the answers. It optimises the use of resources while respecting the legal framework and competition law. Almost all airlines are involved in coopetition... and often without knowing it! But they do not derive all the benefits from it. On Monday, the purpose of my speech was to demonstrate to all political, institutional and professional stakeholders how far coopetition can go. I tried to present its major implications in terms of performance and for organisations. After two days of classes dedicated to the Air Transport sector with the final-year students on the Grande École Master’s course, I am delighted to have been able to present my work in Paris on Monday”, explains Paul Chiambaretto.

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