JOB HUNTING at Montpellier Business School: “Today, if we are not present on the Internet, we do not exist...”

Managing your image on the Internet, knowing how to sell yourself when searching for an internship, work-study placement or job, and how to stand out from other candidates on social networks - here is the programme of the Job Hunting course taught to final-year students in the Bachelor’s course by Professor Marvin Wilkinson.

Originally from London and the creator of the training centre, Marvin is an English teacher known for dividing his time between several higher education institutions in Montpellier. He is also passionate about new trends and social networks, which is why he was given responsibility for the Job Hunting course taught to final-year students on the Montpellier Business School’s Bachelor’s course.

“Students on the Bachelors course at Montpellier Business School hope to find a job abroad. My course has nothing to do with work on their CV or covering letter that they have also already created with the support of the internship service. On the other hand, I integrate these tools in this course in a personalised way, so that they take ownership in a more personal way and learn to bring them to life in order to be more present on the web; this is called managing your personal branding”, he points out.

All professional networks are therefore reviewed, including Linkedin and Twitter, and their CV creativity, notably through video. “This opportunity gives students the chance to stand out in their communication, to give more room to their personality, to say more things than on paper and especially to be more comfortable in their ability to communicate about the personal experiences that lead them to be what they are today”, adds Marvin.

Marvin has, of course, had to deal with the apprehension of some of these digital natives who are aware of the importance of their e-reputation, but who may be afraid to be a little too visible on the web. The course’s goal has therefore also been to clarify the care needed in controlling certain social networks, as well as the dynamic impetus to be used on others. “In order to exist, you have to find a balance.”

Students on the Bachelor’s course were pleasantly surprised by this brand-new course. “It was a very rewarding course, allowing all students to better connect with future employers. Without this course, I would never have never known how to optimise my profile on LinkedIn, Twitter or aboutme, or thought about doing a video CV”, says Inès. “Now I have everything I need to have a Profile 2.0 that truly looks like me!”, adds Camille “Beyond the course itself, Marvin also boosted our confidence and showed us that we were capable of a lot with, for example, the production of a video CV!”