Montpellier Business School awards the Prizes for the StartMeUp project (formerly Strat Innov LR) and the scholarship “Young Entrepreneur” on 19 June 2015!

For two years now, Montpellier Business School has been bringing together business leaders, expert coaches and students on the master programme via a pedagogic project from the last year which helps to develop diagnostics and practical recommendations based on the real problems of corporate executives, major regional groups, SME or start-ups. In two years, this project created in partnership with the Montpellier CCI has brought together just over 200 companies from every sector of business to benefit from this programme.

“The exercise is interesting for all parties taking part in the project” explains Paul Martin, coordinator of the project and professor affiliated with the Montpellier Business School. “For the directors it is an opportunity to confront their feelings about the market with the new well-prepared generations and to meet other directors and potential partners; for the students it is important and represents a real challenge of confrontation with the strategic reality of each company; for us, tutors and coaches, it is the link between the transfer of knowledge and putting it into practice”.

“With the Academic Management team, we decided to integrate this project into the curriculum for the last year. There is therefore a written and oral evaluation based on the criteria of relevance, methodology and creativity. Taking these results into account we thought it was necessary, before launching the 2015 recruitment period for businesses, to present a prize to the three groups that performed the best,” adds Oliver Guyottot Manager of the Grande Ecole Master’s Programme.

On 19 June 2014 the winning businesses received their first Startmeup trophy presented by Paul Martin, who praised the extreme professionalism of their groups of students who took part in this occasion.

Didier Jourdan, Managing Director of Montpellier Business School reiterated the solid link between the world of higher education and the businesses in the area during the prize giving. Praised by the winners, the prize giving was brought to a close by the awarding of the “Young Entrepreneur” scholarship by Christophe Daubié, Managing Director of the Group Sup de Co Montpellier Foundation. Each year this foundation, with the support of the Fondation de France (Foundation of France), awards a young graduate entrepreneur from Montpellier Business School a grant of 10,000 euros. The Winner for 2015 was Coralie HAAS (graduated in 2013) for “Rock’n Joy”.

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