The Conférence des Grandes Écoles has just accredited three Masters of Science from Montpellier Business School

Montpellier Business School, as part of its development strategy for new programmes, has just received accreditation from the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles for three new Masters of Science, taught in English, which are aimed at international students with Bac+4 (M1, Bachelor). For a duration of one year, in which six months are on placement, these programmes of 450 teaching hours will start their first classes in September 2016.

The Conférence des Grande Écoles (CGE) is an association (law 1901) of Grande Écoles of engineers, management and multiple or specific higher education. All are recognised by the state, issuing a degree following a minimum of five years’ study after the baccalaureate and conferring the grade of master, or for some of them a national degree. As an accreditation training body for its members (Advanced Master’s Degree®, MSc, BADGE), it carries its label of quality guaranteeing and promoting the adequacy of the programme and expectations of the labour market, in all its forms, in France and abroad, the development and prestige of the higher education and research establishments, with a constant view for excellence, linking public authorities, economists and society.

The MSc label is a collective mark owned by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. It was created in 2002, and is aimed principally at students wishing to refine their international training at a French grande école. To date, 73 MScs have been accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, in 29 member schools. These programmes attract candidates from all geographical origins in search of mobility and a high level international education.

“By pursuing its mission and with its international recognition, Montpellier Business School has developed its three Masters of Science (MSc) specialising in “Marketing”, “Finance” and “International Business” with active and innovative teaching. The degrees will be constructed for a wide range of careers and skills responding to the needs of businesses of all sizes who are constantly seeking out growth avenues internationally. These MScs will therefore train capable leaders to help all types of businesses to face the challenges of globalisation and reinforce their positions on the foreign markets” states Pascal Krupka, Director of Programme Development for the Montpellier Business School.

Montpellier Business School has demonstrated its willingness to actively participate in promoting its country and all those taking part by pursuing its international reputation, its geographical reach, the dynamism of its area and with the opening of its three new CGE approved programmes.

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