TOP CAS 2015: prize awarded to Montpellier Business School for the case “SANOFI from the end of Blockbusters to the birth of a new Business Model”

On 4 June the Centrale des Cas et des Médias Pédagogiques (CCMP) [Confederation of case studies and educational media] of Paris awarded the prize “Top case study 2015” in General Policy/Strategy to Audrey Missonier, Paul Martin and Julien Côte, teachers at the Montpellier Business School for the case “SANOFI from the end of Blockbusters to the birth of a new Business Model”.

The top prize case study in general policy and strategy was attributed to the authors who have experienced the widest dissemination among higher education establishments during the last year (between July 2013 and December 2014). On 4 June at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris, this prize was awarded to Audrey Missonier, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Strategy, Paul Martin, Associate Professor, Manager of International Business & Accounting courses and Finance coordinator of the Executive MBA of Montpellier Business School and Julien Côte, graduate of Montpellier Business School and expert in strategy for the case study “SANOFI from the end of Blockbusters to the birth of a new Business Model”.

“The award winning case study was developed with SANOFI from a real problem. It focused on the policy taken by the business from 2012 at the time where the pharmaceutical industry market was undergoing tremendous change. The company Sanofi, the main pharmaceutical business in France, was facing two major challenges: to improve its legitimacy among the general public and to conquer new markets. Faced with these issues, the Sanofi research centre called the “Healthy Aging” department [in French the “Bien vieillir” department] called upon a team of researchers and consultants. The objective of the mission was to diagnose the problems of the company and its market, to develop a benchmark and, in doing so, steer the “Healthy Aging” department towards a new strategic position” explained Dr Audrey Missonier.

This case study is original and innovative insofar as it helps to think about the difficulties and the necessity of creating an innovative business model in an environment where financial issues are considerable and legal constraints are increasingly severe. It contributes to a better understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. The work required a focus on the relevancy and coherence of the reasoning rather than just the solutions themselves. The teacher’s sheet presents a full modular script scenario and methods for resolving the issues, in particular by proposing a new business model”added Paul Martin.

More than 1,000 students have already had the opportunity to work in France this year as part of this study. This production is a testament to the richness of the researcher position in management science, fully equipped to present findings to peers, businesses and finally to students through the creation of pedagogical case studies at the forefront of the current economy.

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