Ten years of NO GOODIES policy in the national oral tests for entry examinations into the Grand Ecole Master’s Programme of Montpellier Business School

The oral tests of the national entry examinations to the ESC Montpellier started on 26 May last. For six weeks, almost 6,000 eligible candidates with passes in the written tests have re-joined the ESC Montpellier (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Montpellier [Montpellier Business School]) to sit the language tests and attend an interview. A commitment to equal opportunities, as well as the defence of human rights, provides a strong sense of the school’s teaching and research missions. It is therefore natural that for the past 10 years it has chosen to combine a great event in its calendar, the national exams, with a great cause: children’s rights. Therefore for every member of the external jury present during the time of the oral examinations, the ESC donated €5 to the association “Enfance et Partage” (Childhood and Sharing), and €1 for each candidate.

More than 9,000 euros were donated to “Enfance et Partage”
Many studies would attest to the anxiety of 18–25 year olds over their professional and personal future. They have a real desire for autonomy, freedom and time. In all of its programmes Montpellier Business School trains young men and women driven by strong motivation and human qualities that are essential for building their future in a society that is more fraternal and is more respectful of one another. International curriculum, individual support, multiple possible career paths; everything is organised for each student in order to access to the best according to their objectives, whatever their origin (or social identity). “The partnership with Enfance et Partage is important” stated Didier Jourdan. “Our children are our students of tomorrow. By protecting the children we are preparing a better future for all of us”.

The method used to recruit orally was developed with a large international recruitment company who investigated the success factors and the routes taken by graduates of the ESC Montpellier. It allowed us to detect both the qualities and potential of the candidate, the academic knowledge having already been validated by written examinations. The orals were judged by a jury consisting of a member of the professorial body of Montpellier Business School and an external person (business manager, experienced manager, graduate etc.) The candidates used real life situations to demonstrate their personal range of methods of operation, as well as their values and motivations.

Up to 3 July the Grand Ecole Master’s Programme of Montpellier Business School will welcome almost 6,000 candidates for 505 places in the 1styear and 340 places in the 2ndyear, taking all the examinations including the international exams.