Specialisation course “Digital Marketing” with speaker Mr Roland André, Managing Director of DOCAPOST

In the second term of the final year of the Grand Ecole Master’s Programme of the ESC Montpellier, managers of specialisation courses, certification managers, PhD students and professional speakers of a high level come together charged with challenging each other.

Magali Dutilleux, manager of the digital communication certification, as part of a digital marketing course, invited Roland André, Managing Director of DOCAPOST Middle Market and President of the National Syndicate of Marketing Direct (SNCD) for this first week. “It was during a B2B conference here at Montpellier Business School where Roland André and I met. We were hosting a round table together concerning the issues of digital communication; it was a few years ago, proof of our marked interest for the subject.”

The mission: a breath of fresh air

Challenge the students with an actual case study, there is nothing better for making them aware of the realities of business! “I suggested the students create the launch plan of "monbusinessfacile.fr”. That is, how to acquire clients, sell them our services and how to keep them. This is exactly what I asked my digital marketing manager!” clarified Mr André “Immediately engaged and very eager, they asked a lot of questions and were particularly creative. It did me a world of good being with them that day!”

Speaking at the specialisation Digital Marketing course, Mr André, born and raised in the region (in Alès), stated “it is very important and moreover a pleasure to return to Montpellier and to work with Magali. These moments of exchange allow us to learn, to also learn as speakers. For all of us, it is a breath of fresh air, an enrichment, creativity without boundaries. I firmly believe in the virtues of the exchange of experience. It is imperative for me.”

Historically DOCAPOST, subsidiary of the La poste group, partner of Montpellier Business School, has been supplying digital transformation services to large businesses. Roland André is responsible for developing the opportunity for an innovative service for smaller companies via the website “monbusinessfacile.fr” A range of comprehensive tools on a single platform, essential for an entrepreneur with regards to marketing and communication, business development and business management.

Entrepreneurs should visit: http://monbusinessfacile.com/