From thoughts to reality, the academic concept of the Montpellier Business School’s new Behaviour Focus module!

Creativity, leadership, right brain, left brain, the Montpellier Business School’s teachers develop the management skills of students through a specific module integrated into the curriculum of each programme. These modules of around twenty hours per programme per year are led by six professional teachers coordinated by Professor Emmanuelle Chaize, permanent professor of Montpellier Business School. The dual training Master’s 2 students benefited from it this week.

"Under the support of the methodological toolbox afforded to each student throughout their studies, Montpellier Business School wanted, two years ago, to complete the theoretical knowledge of so-called "hard" science by setting up support modules for its students on their behavioural, situational analysis and problem-solving skills" , introduced Professor Emmanuelle Chaize "These cross-over classes allow them to integrate, first of all, a mental approach that aims to facilitate their choice of direction, professional projects, internships and learning, but also to understand the professional behaviours of their comrades, their colleagues and their families. Meanwhile, the research aim is to provide a relevant measuring tool of the behavioural characteristics of our students to develop strengths and to bridge larger gaps when they exist".

Mélanie Decoster, after preparatory classes, and entering the 1st year of a continuous learning curriculum and currently in dual learning at Coca Cola testifies: "You do not expect this kind of course when you arrive from preparatory classes. This course is innovative or sometimes even disconcerting and I believe in its importance today as part of my learning. In the first year, we worked on our behavioural assessment with tutorial exercises on behavioural analysis of classmates with whom we work. This was very valuable for group work in the first year (laughs). In the second year, we had a module on leadership by differentiating the role of the leader from that of the manager. At that time, I was already on an apprenticeship contract. Observing postures, the ability to unite beyond charisma of course, analysing the informal codes of conduct of the company. All this has provided us with sometimes unsuspected knowledge. Finally, the "professional creativity" module plunged us into the mental processes of great creators. We tried to apply them to management science tutorials... I’ll leave you to imagine!!"

In the last year, we bring together the right brain and the left brain. Based on the consultant's methodology, students are able to analyse the personal environment of the manager, to establish an organisational and human diagnosis (e.g. how to read a sociogram) and to master all the strategic problem-solving techniques, a prerequisite for success in their final year educational project alongside the region’s SME managers and start-uppers. As you can see, in the end, Montpellier Business School works to give its students the tools that show them how to weave concepts together. A big thank you to all participants and their students.