Are our dual training students hyperactive? Not for Arthur, a final year Master’s student at Montpellier Business School

Arthur, a final year dual training student, took the time to tell us about his experience after two years spent in New York in an academic exchange year and in business, as well as his hopes for the future. 35 hours of classes and more than 60 hours of personal work, a dual training contract in management control with Bose in Paris and a start up in New York, nothing seems to stop him! We asked him the hyperactivity question.

For Arthur, aged 24, not really. He is young, but has read the latest article by Professor Anis Khedahouria on psychological markers of entrepreneurs; he describes himself as a financier with his head on his shoulders. This year, he chose to major in "financial management", specialising in management control, and in a few days, he starts his dual training in the Bose company in Paris in a management controller position. "I’m really motivated to give the best of myself and still learn as much as possible! And I am very aware of how lucky I am", he admits.

Admitted to the 1st year at Montpellier Business School three years ago through the Gateway competitive examination, he is still amazed at his journey. "After my L3 year, I went to New York for one year of study at Hofstra University, a partner of MBS. Then I continued with one year in business in a consulting firm where I met Guillaume Lavigne, a Master’s graduate, who like many of the school’s graduates, could play the role of sponsor. So much so that he told me of his desire to create a consulting company in New York to support French companies wishing to settle in the US", he explains.

And this is how it all began. In addition to the professional activity and the busy life of the big apple, the project is moving fast, very fast. "We started our idea based on the book "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferris. We also chose an innovative business model allowing us to conduct this business in parallel with our jobs and we partnered with Lucy but I can’t tell you any more (laughs)".

Does Arthur think he is hyperactive then? "Certainly not! New York was a childhood dream that Montpellier Business School allowed me to accomplish. In three years, I acquired knowledge and values recognised in business. Of course, I worked hard but happily so! And at Bose, a new adventure is beginning. What’s more, my position was performed perfectly by a dual training student who graduated from the school this year and who was greatly appreciated by all the staff! The challenge is therefore a particularly considerable one. I am proud of this network that has perfectly fulfilled its role!"

Arthur adds that he wanted to testify for the new students joining this year and that he will not see much of them at a pace of three weeks in business, one week at school. "Be confident and dare to go from dreams to reality. The school is behind you to help you and we are ahead of you to open doors! This is the strength of the grandes écoles! After that, it's like anything; you have to work, because it’s not about luck, there are no free lunches!"

No doubt Montpellier Business School will come back for more news of Arthur in a few months.