A Master 2 dual training student for two years at Gerflor, Thomas has always worked, since he was 15 years old.

A native of Gard, Thomas, aged 22, who is currently International Junior Product Manager at GERFLOR in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, looks back on the path that led him from a baccalaureate taken in Dubai to a 3-year dual training Grande Ecole Master’s thanks to Montpellier Business School’s initial dual training competitive examination (FIA1).

"I took my baccalaureate in Dubai where I lived for a year and a half with my parents", Thomas begins. "After that, I wanted to have more professionally-oriented teaching. I turned to a dual training Banking BTS and I have still not left this system since I am already in my fifth year of learning through Montpellier Business School, which was, at the time (and still is, I think), the only Grande Ecole to dedicate a course to three years of dual training".

"What pleased me very quickly, was Montpellier Business School’s values of openness and diversity and of course, its atmosphere. There is much more cooperation than competition between us. We make long-lasting and healthy relationships. We are a community. Beyond that, despite initially being a bit angry with academia, I found pleasure in learning again, thanks to committed teachers and also through case studies and numerous projects. I also invested heavily in community life, including in BDE (Bureau des élèves [Student Union]) and therefore discovered project management, of the last minute variety. I learned a lot there. And it is all these experiences that facilitated my employment with Gerflor", adds Thomas. "I really urge students seeking contracts to look towards industry, which is canvassed less than the large companies in the CAC 40, perhaps because it seems less sexy. My position is product manager. I am responsible for providing innovation and supporting a range of international products (luxury vinyl tiles), targeting professionals. True, at first glance, it is not the most attractive, but if you only knew how exciting it is! I want to thank my company and its teams! In one year, I hope to have the opportunity to continue this experience with Gerflor. And for all those who are interested, I suggest you go to see the dual training and employment offers on the website. Or even contact me!".

Thomas leaves his interview coolly. He has just learned that the new flooring installed at Montpellier Business School this summer came from Gerflor. "I didn’t know! There is no border between the school and businesses!".

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