As graduates, the school is in our DNA! Interview with Omar Amarouch, who manages the Morocco branch of the Alumni Association

Over the past two weeks, Omar Amarouch, aged 30, a 2012 graduate, spoke with the team coordinated by Emmanuelle Chaize, to M2 dual training students as part of the "Behaviour Focus" module. Formerly a consultant at Capgemini and responsible for the PACA branch of the Alumni Association, he will soon be starting a new career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a senior consultant and, this time in Casablanca. At the same time, he will be taking on responsibility for the Morocco branch of the Alumni Association.

Hello Omar, how did you spend the last two weeks?
"It is always a pleasure to return to the school, to see what has changed, to meet again with teachers who taught us, to come across new ones. I am delighted to have been involved with the M2 dual training students who are very different from what we were. In this sharing process, I felt a bit old (laughs...)! On the one hand, they are more mature due to their integration in businesses and at the same time, they can sometimes lack the ability to take a step back... but that's certainly just because it's the start of the year!"

Why did you decide to answer Emmanuelle Chaize’s request for this module?
First of all, because Patrick and Annie Mahé are among the "hair-raising" memories from my first year in 2008. Then also, because I wanted to contribute to the success of the school that taught me and of which I am proud, like many of my classmates. It feels a little like the sense of belonging and usefulness which my generation needed or wanted. Being part of something bigger... and perhaps this is also why I am in the consulting profession: discovering, analysing, participating and adapting to all kinds of projects, individuals, constraints and opportunities!

What do you remember from your four years at the school?
The year abroad at UQAM Montreal, my first experience consulting with SMEs in the cold, Monique Roux Guillemain in taxation, which I loved, the attention of the administration to all its students without exception, the graduation ceremony that was so moving, and more seriously, the Guéant circular which complicated the situation for non-European students in obtaining their residence permit after obtaining a permanent contract. The school was brilliant on this issue, even though some of them had to return to their countries despite their contracts!

Have you any advice to give to those who follow on after you?
To all the M2 that I had in classes and especially to Supply Chain, thank you for your welcome. We share the same DNA and I know the value of this training. You have not been here long enough to see what has changed so much in such little time. When I arrived in 2008, the school was aligning itself with international accreditation criteria! We felt it go... You are very lucky, you will be rewarded for going to a school that believes in you, you are trained by companies that invest in you. Remember to thank them and never stop learning!