Montpellier Business School maintains its international position among the best Masters in the world ranked by the Financial Times, a global reference for business school rankings!

In the rankings released on 18 September, Montpellier Business School remained in the TOP 50 of the world's best Masters programmes in management, while the number of certified and classified Business Schools (essentially Universities) was substantially increased due to the arrival of major European, Indian and Chinese institutions.

"In terms of the exacerbated competitive race being waged by all Business Schools in the world (nearly 14,000, of which only some 800 are accredited), this first classification of the new academic year is cause for celebration for the school and for all of its stakeholders, especially for those who remember that Montpellier Business School only entered this prestigious international ranking four years ago (2012: 49thin the world)", points out Didier Jourdan, the Managing Director of Montpellier Business School "This ranking gives us 41st place in the world’s best management Masters, or an improvement of eight places in four years behind ten or so universities from emerging countries with very large financial resources. This position represents an extraordinary achievement for us and we have moved our average over the course of four years to 39th place and have advanced up to 36th place over the last three years for Business Schools worldwide".

The rankings, which are a reference point for international rankings, take a number of cross-referenced criteria into account, such as career salaries earned during the three years after graduation from the Master’s programme (the class of 2012 was surveyed), the return on investment (cost of studies/remuneration), career progress after three years of activity, as well as the percentage of women, of teachers from abroad and PhD students within the programmes’ teaching body etc.

"All the teams from Montpellier Business School and all the school’s stakeholders would like to thank the 2012 graduates who were audited for this achievement and who have demonstrated, once again, their extreme quality in terms of employability and their strong commitment to the school even three years after their graduation. I know that they are proud of their experience, that they defend their school and their diploma, and that they continue to promote the values of Montpellier Business School in France and around the world", says Didier Jourdan.

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