Already in France for a week and with a head full of projects, Koffi is a Senegalese student in Master 1 at Montpellier Business School.

This year, Montpellier Business School hosted nearly 200 international students in its Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes, excluding exchanges. Among them, 25 students were recruited through Montpellier Business School Dakar, the Senegalese subsidiary of MBS. They have joined the school in recent weeks. A rich adventure of encounters and exchanges that we can see through the portrait of Koffi.

Arriving in Montpellier barely three weeks ago, Koffi, who was welcomed and looked after by the host team from the International Programmes Department, has quickly discovered the city of Montpellier, its squares, its transport, its pace of life and more. "This is a beautiful city where I feel good! And the setting is ideal for studying. At the school, people speak English, Spanish, German, Chinese and so on... it's very cosmopolitan. The administration teams are great. I was very well received and everyone is ready to help with the slightest problem. This is my new family for the next two years, far from home!".

Originally from Ivory Coast, Koffi studied management at the African Centre of graduate studies (CESAG) from 2011. He did his Bachelor’s degree there. Despite a lack of financial means, Koffi has never given up on the idea of continuing and succeeding in higher education. "Initially, I did not know about Montpellier Business School at all. It was friends who gave me the details of the subsidiary school in Dakar. Jacqueline and Coumba were lovely and explained Montpellier’s process and policy in favour of diversity and equal opportunities to me. I had never dreamt of it. I was nervous about the competitive examination and studied a lot for it. Then it was time to make an application to the Social Council which included several business leaders in Dakar and I got the scholarship, without which I would never have been able to come and study in Montpellier for these two years!"

More motivated than ever, Koffi is aware of the chance he has been given. He wants to prove himself worthy of this opportunity and has already established an initial career plan. "Firstly, I do not want to disappoint my school because it has trusted in me. Then, I think about my family and my country. I would like to work in finance and then start my own business in Africa and from my experience, help to raise awareness about the school in African companies to help even more students from my country who want to learn".

The entire team at Montpellier Business School welcomes all its international students.