From Mexico to the South of France there is only one ocean that Arturo crossed in order to study at Montpellier Business School

Among the 275 exchange students that Montpellier Business school welcomed this year, we met Arturo, who arrived at the end of August in Montpellier to study in the second year of Master (specialization in Marketing). The young Mexican gives us his first impressions as a student at Montpellier Business School and about the city.

« When I arrived for the first time in the school, I found that everyone was very welcoming. It is important for me to have that feeling of being welcomed and I will never forget it », says Arturo with a large smile. « At the beginning, as there are a lot of international students here, we naturally started to meet with students from the same country or with students that speak the same language as us. But after a while, I met a lot of students from all around the world and also many French students. I already have a lot of friends! That is diversity. »

« Montpellier is also a beautiful city and is very welcoming too », continues Arturo. « It is quite big, near the sea and a lot of activities are available. In fact, either at school or in town, there is always something to do! At the week-end I like to go and visit other cities around Montpellier. I have already been to Cassis and Barcelona with French and German friends that I met at the school. »

Already seduced by Montpellier Business School and his new environment, Arturo explains why he has chosen to come here. « I am from Puebla, in Mexico, where I study international trade at the University of Las Americas. My university has a partnership with Montpellier Business School and studying abroad was part of my Master. I was already able to speak English and wanted to work on my French so, coming to Montpellier Business School was a great opportunity. I already had some school French and had also spent 3 months in Montreal, Canada.  As I want to do international business, it is important for me to speak several languages and to meet with people from different countries.

Arturo has already noticed some differences between his student life in Mexico and in France. “The French teaching method is different from what I know. There is a lot of work to do. And to be honest, I wasn’t used to such a sustained pace. French classes are of course very important and useful. I am particularly grateful to Ms. Annabel Gontard for her endless patience with us. It was helpful to get those French classes before the regular courses started.”

We wish you the very best Arturo!