From the Swiss Olympic swimming team to the Sports Association presidency, Alain wants to promote the values of sports at Montpellier Business School

Alain Bernardeschi, Franco-Swiss student, just joined the first year of Montpellier Business School’s Master Grande Ecole program. Former high level swimmer, discipline that he started when he was 5 years old, he decided with 13 other friends to make a commitment in favour of sports at Montpellier Business School. The campaign for the presidency of the Sports Association of the school just started and the president of the MinoSport list chose to rely on the qualities and know-how-to-be of his team to convince.

Former member of the Swiss Olympic swimming team, Alain has already a great record. Twice silver medallist in the multi-nations Championship and double finalist of the European Youth Olympic Festival Championships in Turkey in 2011, he came here, at Montpellier, after a two years of preparatory class. « I did a preparatory class in Nice. I decided to study at Montpellier Business School because of its reputation and also because Montpellier is well-known for sports and of course… Antigone’s swimming pool! I had the opportunity to swim with champions like Camille Muffat or Yannick Agnel. They were older than me but we did the same sports-study program at Nice’s Olympic Club. I keep a good team working spirit from their as well as important values that I would like to share with the members of my list and anyone in the school who wants to be active!”

His campaign’s mantra is to offer a large amount of sports disciplines as well as completely new ones. “The majority of the member of our list have practiced a sport for a long time and some of them have even reached a high level in their discipline (rugby, tennis, handball, dance, football, swimming, martial arts…). We have experience in our disciplines, we want to share and transmit it to the people who are interested whether they have a good or a bad level. We want in fact to initiate the people who are interested in a sport but never have had the occasion to try it or to those who just want to have fun. We would like to offer golf or squash trying lessons and we have already negotiated partnerships with gyms so that everyone can practice a sport activity at a good price.

Besides Alain, the swimmer, the other MinoSport members are:
Clarisse Ferlin, who did 13 years horse-ridding and her horse-ball team was regional champion; Margo Simonno who is a Zumba specialist; Alexandra Couvrer who is a krav-maga lover (self defence technique); Gonzalo Lopez who is a black-belt in judo and Maxim Piauian, who is a French American Football Champion. We do not omit the soccer players, Hugo Couss, Jimmy Bayle et Kevin Holzberger and the rubgymen Edouard Verrier, Joffrey Ledru et Pierre-Louis Gagnaire.

« Lastly, I hope that every student will enjoy the campaign as well as the Sportiates who compete against us! »