Designation of Jonathan Taranto, 2013 graduate of Montpellier Business School, as an iTunes Store Advisor at Apple’s European headquarters

The 19th of October has always been a special day for Jonathan throughout the years: it is the date of his birthday, the day he got his driving licence, the day he got graduated from Montpellier Business School and… his first day at Apple! Few hours before flying to Ireland and joining the European headquarters of the technology company, Jonathan already feels like he is on a little cloud. This is a great opportunity to go back over his path.

After a two-year technical diploma in Marketing Techniques at Nice’s Institute of Technology and a Bachelor in Business Strategies and International Development at Nice’s University, Jonathan entered Montpellier Business School. “I wanted to study at Montpellier Business School because of the various specialization available and because of its international acknowledgement. I immediately enjoyed my student life there and benefitted from a lot of things that the school could offer. I wanted my studies to be international oriented because big groups value that. So first, during summer 2011, I went to Florida as a Commercial Merchandizer at Walt Disney Studio. That was a good way to combine the pleasant and the useful and to improve my English and Spanish skills.

Always looking for international experiences, Jonathan did a 6 months internship at Business France in the Netherlands and, in 2012, he did an exchange semester at Seoul’s Hanyang School, South Korea.

He obtained a double diploma in partnership with the IAE of Montpellier specialized in International Trade Management and, then, he started working for Warner Bros in Neuilly-Sur-Seine where he did a one-year internship. After that, he went back to Florida and worked again at Walt Disney Studio as a Customer Relationship Manager during one year. « I wanted to be fluently trilingual in French, English and Spanish… it worked! I completed the objective that I set for myself years ago. I had to come back to France at the beginning of last summer because I didn’t have a green card”.

« After a long period of research, I did a lot of videoconference interviews with companies worldwide. I finally accepted a position at Apple and I am very happy because I am passionate about their products. I will as an iTunes Store Advisor and will be based in their European headquarters in Ireland from the 19th of October. It is my first permanent contract and I will work for one of my dream companies. And well, who knows, maybe I will one day end up working at Apple’s American headquarters…”

In the meantime, Jonathan has a little message for Montpellier Business School’s teaching staff. « I will always remember their excellence.  I enjoyed learning and sharing in contact with so many teachers-searchers, speakers and professionals. In addition, the various partnerships with international universities is an added value to get international experiences. That helps me a lot today! »