Only two months in Montpellier and already well integrated. Portrait of Pyone, Burmese student in Master 1 at Montpellier Business School

Laureate of the merit-based scholarship from the Sup de Co Montpellier Business School Group Foundation, Pyone arrived at the end of August from Rangoun, the capital of Burma. At 22 years old, the young women left her country and family for the first time to study here, at Montpellier Business School, where she has already taken her marks. The secret of her integration? The capacity to adapt but mostly the fact that she has excellent French communication and writing skills.

« I started a Bachelor in Business Management at the National Management College of Rangoun in 2010 », explains Pyone. « But at the same time, I began to learn French at the French institute of Burma. I wanted to learn another language than English and French immediately interested me. It is however very different from Burmese but I really how French sounds. »

In 2013, after she completed her Bachelor’s degree, Pyone was hired as a Business Support Manager at ICC France Myanmar. But her dream was to work in international business and wanted to complete her Master’s degree abroad, more particularly in France. She discovered Montpellier Business School and our policy that fosters equal opportunities through the French Institute of Burma. Pyone had already sent her application last year but her attempt failed that is why she tried again this year, in January. She was more prepared this time and she received a positive answer during the end of April. «I would like to thank the Deputy Director of the French institute of Rangoun and the Director of the National Management College of Burma who gave me advices and helped me to fill out my application. I am also grateful for the Director of the ICC France Myanmar who wrote a recommendation letter for me; otherwise I would never have had the financial resources to come here. »

Now based in Montpellier for 2 years Pyone discovers a country, city and a new student life while projecting into the future. “Although the courses are in English, I do not have understanding issues and I quickly accustomed to the new methods and new tools (which are various!). I'm really focused on my studies and my grades will be very important for me.
After my Master, my objective is to have a work experience in Europe if I have the opportunity, I don’t know yet... Otherwise, I will return to Burma of course.”

« France is beautiful », she continues. « In comparison to Rangoun, Montpellier is so quite. There is no noise so it is perfect to live and study. The city is nice and dynamic with a lot of students. I am very far away from home and from my family with whom I used to live. It is hard sometimes but I couldn’t say no to this opportunity. There is a lot of diversity at school, I have new friends and I like it a lot.  The numerous group work makes it easier to interact with the others and it is good to compare each other’s working methods.

The entire Montpellier Business School team wishes the best to Pyone and to all the international students.