From Danone to Unilever – recruiters like engaged students from Montpellier Business School

Antoine is was master student at Montpellier Business School and was also an apprentice at Danone. Today, he leaves the company to start a "graduate program" in Finance at the headquarters of Unilever.

« I chose Montpellier Business School because its program offered, in addition to a very good level of academic knowledge, strong international and professional experience », explains Antoine. « I personally had the opportunity to create a student association (Gaïa), I did an exchange year in Canada at Winnipeg, I did my internship year in Barcelona and I finally did my apprenticeship at Danone! This past year, I worked with international companies and I evolved within a multicultural team that trained me, to which I am attached and with whom I have learned so much. »

He continues: « I am leaving Danone to join Unilever, another large group, which also has values that make environmental concerns a priority. Unilever became a concrete example of a company that applies the values of sustainable development, through its plants that are waste-free and that have a fully autonomous energy supply, but also a strategy to reduce packaging. It applies those measures with other competitors to reduce the sector's environmental impact. »

« After a long recruitment process I will finally start my permanent contract at Unilever’s headquarters on Monday, at the Management Control and Business Intelligence department. I will then change position every year to quickly acquire new skills and be able, at the end of the 3 years, to get a managerial position. I am very pleased to be in this program that brings together students from very prestigious schools and universities (HEC, ESSEC, Dauphine, Central ...), and I highly encourage all students from Montpellier Business School to remember that their future does certainly not depend on the prestige of a degree », conclude Antoine.

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