Dakar – Montpellier, so far but so close at the same time for Rokhayatou, bachelor student from Montpellier Business School

Rokhayatou arrived in France less than one week ago. « I arrived in Montpellier on Monday morning! », says the young student with a big smile. Already perfectly at ease in the school hallways, she tells us more about how she arrived here, at Montpellier Business School.

« I did all my education in one of the best boarding school in Dakar, I was selected because I was one of the 30 best students of Senegal. » It is her history and geography teacher who encouraged her to look more closely at Business Schools.

« I am so happy to be here! It is a real chance that Montpellier Business School allows African students to benefit from a scholarship in addition to quality studies. I was really stressed when I submitted my application but thankfully everything went right because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to join this kind of school », the young woman reveals. « I want to create my own business in the food industry to boost production and consumption of local products in Africa. Why should we import when we have a lot of potential? I wish to contribute to the economic development of my country and my continent. It is important to me personally. But first, I know I will have to work hard during my Bachelor. »

Meanwhile, Rokhayatou discovers the school, her classmates, her new city and the tram! « I didn’t have time to meet so many people but I will soon try to get to know more of them. I know that openness and diversity are two core values of the school so I am not worried. In addition, everyone is very friendly and always smiling. Their smile comfort me and give me the courage to ask all my questions... and I have a lot! »

Rokhayatou is one the 25 students who integrated the school through its subsidiary Montpellier Business School Dakar.