At Montpellier Business School, a master’s thesis has nothing to do with an internship report! Justine, apprentice at Schneider Electric, relates

Justine Cwikowski, future graduate, just submitted her master’s thesis. She was an apprentice in the Sales Performance Management department at Schneider Electric in Grenoble and she tells us more about the changes made to the Master 2 at Montpellier Business School and the introduction of the master’s thesis.

Justine remembers precisely the presentation during which Dr. Olivier Guyottot specified the changes brought to the final year of the Master Grande Ecole program, more precisely through the completion of a master’s thesis. « Everyone complained, of course… but really, I have no regret. And I want to thank Professor Philippe Giuliani for his patience and Mr Michael Gula, my manager, but also David Pruvot and Gilles Calame who helped me with my research problematic! My topic is: « Info System and improving business performance: the keys to success. » I always liked new technologies in all its forms. I had a long discussion with my manager when choosing the subject because I needed his experience. I also had to explain clearly the difference between a master’s thesis and a simple internship report… and everyone got involved. »

Schneider Electric decided to implement the use of iPad for it sales staff and Justine was asked to study the impact of this new working method. « It was just perfect! I had to observe a group of 16 sales person. I could really match my academic and work requirements. I will present my work at the MTO conference in October. But I wouldn’t have managed it if my manager didn’t help me with his smart ideas and if Dr Philippe Giuliani wouldn’t have supervised me. In fact, I remember my first follow-up appointment at the school and I was completely off track! »

Now that she is almost graduated, Justine can measure how much maturity she gained thanks to the apprenticeship at Schneider Electric and all those different academic projects. «When I arrived in Montpellier, I just finished my preparatory class, I was reserved and had little self-confidence… With the associations I started to get involved in projects. Today, I gained confidence because I managed a team of 12 members and I am proud that I took part of this project involving 250 persons. By working at Schneider Electric, I learnt excellence, rigor and I also learnt to rethink things over. It is a big engaged group with 160 000 collaborators who made me feel welcomed and I would recommend working with them. »