« I teach corporate finance and I’m loving it! » Dr Jean-charles Bagneris’ experience

Professor Jean-Charles Bagneris graduated from Montpellier Business School in 1984 and he currently teaches corporate finance to bachelor students at the school. He tells us about his 25 years of teaching…

« I graduated from Montpellier Business School in 1984 and teach here since 25 years, so I saw the evolution of the school. When I graduated I worked in the IT sector and I first worked as an independent, I basically trained CEOs and executives to the use of spreadsheet software. That is when I started enjoying handing knowledge to others, after that, I went into teaching and I redirected to finance. »

Jean-Charles Bagneris has a clear vision of his subject and knows how to adapt his pedagogy to attract the attention of the younger generation. « I don’t think that there is a recipe to be a good teacher. Every professor has to find the best method to hand down knowledge as efficiently as possible especially when it is as technical as accounting, but that ability improves with experience. Today, my classes are more based on the e-learning platform, practice through exercises and interaction. I feel like today, spending one hours and a half just talking about the theory is not the best way to teach. Students prefer to practice rather than just learning a theoretical course. »

Jean-Charles Bagneris teaches in English to a diverse audience: French students that are usually afraid of that subject and the vocabulary involved, and international students who often discover the subject for the first time. His aim is to desacralize this subject and make it easier to understand. « My class is about investment decision and deals with all the tools necessary to make the decision. It is also about the construction of a financing or business plan which is useful for other management classes. The challenge is for me to show to those who are more interested in subjects like marketing, communication or retailing that one day or another, those skills will be useful for them. »

Professor Jean-Charles Bagneris trained a lot of students and some graduates told us that, thanks to him, they enjoyed this subject so… thank you Mister Professor!