Customer relationship and new technology ? A comparison between Europe and Asia with Pierre-Adrien, future Montpellier Business School graduate.

Between stress and excitement ... last Friday wasn’t a common day for Pierre-Adrien. Future graduate from Montpellier Business School, the 24 years old young man presented the results of his master’s thesis at the MTO'2015 conference. He tells us about the subject of his thesis which was inspired by South Korea, where he spent one academic semester, more precisely at Ulsan University.

« When I was in South Korea, I noticed that smartphone-payments were more common than in Europe. So I chose to study the reasons why there is this significant difference through the scientific analysis of this new form of interaction between customers and retailers. » explains Pierre-Adrien.

« The theme of my master’s thesis is « NFC and RFID: an opportunity for customer relationship? ». NFC or Near Field Communication, refers to the set of protocols that enable the exchange of information between devices on a small distance. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, is used to store and retrieve data from a distance », he says. « I devoted myself to this subject during one year with the help of Dr Matthijs Den Besten, who guided me in terms of methodology. He is a knowledge economy and crowdsourcing specialist. He also conducts researches in the field of new technologies and virtual co-development. I am very proud that he has offered to write a research paper on this topic to present it at the MTO'2015 conference. At the same time, it was really stressful: how to synthesize more than 120 pages of information in 5 slides adapted to the MTO audience? »

Pierre-Adrien tells us more about this experience. « I had an adrenaline rush when presenting my work in front of such experienced people ! But I was able to share and discuss with renowned researchers from France and Europe, as well as with professionals who have a business oriented approach. This is when I really became aware of the fact that research in management science can not be dissociated from the business part. I want to thank my thesis Director, Dr. Den Besten, for choosing me for this particular event. "

Pierre-Adrien is currently completing his final year of apprenticeship as Product / Marketing Manager at SkinClever Laboratory. In the short term, he still hesitates between working in the marketing / web marketing industry or going on a road trip by bike in Asia ... We will for sure know more about it during the graduation day on the 5th of December.