Apprenticeship, a lever for equal opportunities! The message of Loïs Gilles graduated from Montpellier Business School

Loïs Gilles graduated from Montpellier Business School in 2014. He is doing his PhD and is IT Governance project manager for the Crédit Agricole (a French bank), in Paris. In addition to that, he decided to start series of conferences for French middle and high school students, his aim is to convey the message that YOU decide to be successful. During the conferences, he talks about self-confidence, education and of course apprenticeship!

When talking with Loïs, the most striking is his humility and his clear-sightedness. What he wants is to share a message: « Of course I worked hard but I did it in a different way and I think that I was a little bit lucky as well! », he says. « I make those conferences to share my experience, motivate and inform young people on their future and the possibilities to evolve but also to push them to trust themselves by showing them, thanks to my personal experience, that everything is possible today especially thanks to the apprenticeship system that is becoming popular ».

He followed a rather unusual educational curriculum and failed more than one time but he finally managed to reach his objectives. He has a Bachelor in Marketing and did his Master at Montpellier Business School.

In the meantime, he created a business within the field of communication with 2 friends but because of their lack of experience and rigour the company failed after two years of operation. « It was a human and financial failure but it was also very instructive. It helped me a lot for my future », states Loïs. »

« After my Master, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do: I wanted to work in a corporate company but also to share and teach. I sent more than 100 CV to find a company that would allow me to work and at the same time, finish my PhD. The Crédit Agricole and the PhD school of Montpellier gave me that opportunity. »
Through his conferences Loïs would like to address the message that it is not a problem to fail or make the wrong choice but also to give the opportunity to those who wants it, to develop themselves and to inform the young generation about apprenticeship which is for him « the best way to combine theory and practice » and is also a good lever to increase equal opportunities.

Loïs Gilles will give his first conference the 12th of November in Valence in front of hundreds of students.

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