Welcome to Mauboussin the new partner of Montpellier Business School!

Today, Didier Jourdan, Managing Director of Montpellier Business School welcomed Mr. Alain Némarq, President of Mauboussin to sign a new partnership. In addition to that, Mr. Némarq gave a conference on his vision about the luxury industry in front of students and professors of the school. An exceptional moment of sharing with an innovative great leader who just published a book « Le Bonheur sinon rien » (Happiness or nothing), where he gives his thoughts about the ability to be happy.

Alain Némarq, who was graduated from Sup de Co Rouen started his speech with what has always been his mantra: « Everything is possible and the way to success is more influenced by the people you meet rather than by the competences you have ». The partnership signed today is actually due to a meeting with Montpellier Business School one year ago.  Alain Némarq started by working at Yves Saint Laurent which allowed him to discover the luxury industry. Through the years and the people he met, he had some opportunities and challenges that led him at the head of Mauboussin, where he made a lot of changes. He redefined the work, reinvented the business model and shook up the marketing and communication codes. Under his impulsion, a piece of jewellery becomes a fashion accessory accessible to every woman. « I applied the mass market standards to the luxury industry. It took me 15 years to make those decisions because it is not easy to take responsibility for something that has never been done, in a sector that has such specific codes. », states Alain Némarq.

Alain Némarq and Didier Jourdan have a lot in common. They think that the key in life is to trust your instinct: be innovative, be curious, be open, share, « trust yourself and dare ». Never stop dreaming but don’t forget to stay grounded. That is maybe the key to happiness. Alain Nemarq also discussed about his latest book « Le Bonheur sinon rien » (Happiness or nothing), a mix of personal reflections on happiness, current issues, history and on special events that happened in his life. Thus, he talks about important matters in life like friendship, family, childhood and death.

Montpellier Business School is particularly pleased to have Mauboussin among its 34 partners. Alain Nemarq is now a member of the Advisory Board to support and advise Montpellier Business School in its national and international developments.

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