StartUpers : Vincent Hamonic who graduated in 2010 from Montpellier Business School, managed to create his digital company,

Five years after he completed his Master’s degree at Montpellier Business School, Vincent Hamonic just started his company. He explains us more about this new adventure.

« I decided, with my brother and one friend, to create the first website dedicated to the sharing of good deals between customers: », specifies Vincent.  « The main strength of our business ? The many members who keep the site alive and who judge if the offers are real great deals or not! Although it is very young, the website already counts nearly 3,000 unique visitors a day with no advertising other than word of mouth and the ranking of the website in search engines! Our goal, of course, is to stay focused on user experience and expand the number of monthly visitors. We chose to develop this site alongside our respective jobs which allows us to not have any financial pressure that can be high for traditional StartUps, who are often chasing financing and risking to loose their independence ... This way we can improve the service during our free time. »

After a two-years diploma in Business in the Paris area, Vincent joined the Master’s Program from Montpellier Business School. After he learnt the fundamentals during the first year of the program, he did an exchange, the second year, and spent one year at the Benedictine University in Chicago. The following year, he worked as an International Project Manager for Dassault Systèmes in Vélizy. At the end of the Master’s Program, he was very passionate about web marketing and so, he was recruited by iGraal 6 months before his diploma! He is now Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager at Cdiscount in Bordeaux.

« We can hear very similar experiences to mine amongst the students who graduated from Montpellier Business School and I also know that the school gave us the opportunity to make our educational path very special. So what I want to say to the new students who just joined the school is that: it doesn’t matter which career you chose but make sure that you have fun in what you do and use all the services that are available for you at the school! ».

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