The association 60 000 rebonds became a partner of Montpellier Business School

On the 3rd of November, Mr Didier Jourdan, Dean of Montpellier Business School and Bennet Holmes, president of the association 60,000 rebounds Montpellier, signed a partnership agreement. Their common objective is, in the name of global responsibility and performance values, to participate in the coaching of entrepreneurs that are in difficulty and to change what people think about entrepreneurial failure in higher education, particularly in the framework of the Montpellier Business School Entreprendre center.

Entrepreneurial initiatives are increasingly popular with the younger generations that are looking for more autonomy and freedom. Yet beyond the successes we are talking about, we can’t forget the number of failures that happen, because nearly 60,000 entrepreneurs go bankrupt each year. Montpellier Business School which is regularly quoted in national rankings for its support to its student and their entrepreneurial projects, has opened in September 2014, a center, "MBS entreprendre". It is responsible for creating, coordinating and livening up all actions related to entrepreneurship, in order to create awareness but also to support and value all students and their entrepreneurial projects.

The association 60 000 rebonds was created to support those who experienced a failure when creating their own business, in order for them to learn from their mistakes but also to make failure a springboard for success. They help French entrepreneurs that were weakened by the failure of their project, to rebuild a new one or to start a new career. Apart from helping these men and women, the association carries a strong message: « Failing should no longer be a taboo, it is not because you fail that you should stop your entrepreneurial ambitions. And this can be learnt at school », says its president Bennet Holmes.

Thus, 60 000 rebonds and Montpellier Business School decided to put their expertise in common and their objective is multiple as it integrates the many stakeholders (professors, personnel, students, graduates, companies, volunteers, coaches etc.) from both organizations.

Bennet Homes likes to quote what Philippe Rambaud, founder and former president of 60 000 rebonds France : « I have a dream: I hope that we will no longer be ashamed to say that be went bankrupt, that the opinion the people have of failure will change and that everyone will understand that to improve yourself, you have to fail because what your learnt from the failure will lead you to success. » The association has 300 volunteers in France and each year, their missions allows them to help 200 entrepreneurs that went bankrupt. In Montpellier, since January, 60 000 rebonds supports 20 CEOs that are trying to find a new career objective. Montpellier Business School is glad to contribute to this success and to implement it in the higher education.

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