Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility go hand in hand! Interview with Dr Maryline Meyer, professor at Montpellier Business School

Teacher-researcher at Montpellier Business since 2010, Dr Maryline Meyer has a PhD in Economic Sciences and teaches human resources management for 10 years. At Montpellier Business School, she is responsible for two classes: « Strategic management of diversity », taught in Master’s and « Global responsibility and performance » taught in the Executive MBA.

Under the heading of her researches which focuses mainly on CSR and work-related behaviour in social enterprises, she welcomed on the 4th of November 2015 two speakers from SODEXO, partner of Montpellier Business School, to make an intervention for about sixty students that want to work in the Human Resources.

« I was really delighted to welcome Alain Masson, Head of the Diversity & Inclusion Department at Sodexo France. He was accompanied by Guillaume Delle-Vall, newly graduated from Montpellier Business School and Diversity Project Manager at SODEXO », specified Dr Maryline Meyer, who is used to combine theory and practice. «Their intervention aimed at showing how diversity and inclusion can be strategic in an organization. It also allowed to introduce the students to the advantages and disadvantages of a diversity policy. I created this course in 2014 with Dr Cédrine Joly, who is a teacher-researcher in strategic marketing at Montpellier Business School, in order to make students aware of this new and important dimension in human resources management but also in organizations, in general. The goal is to comprehend diversity in a strategic angle, by anticipating its impacts and how it can be managed, not only in terms of human resources management but also at all levels of an organization ».

Under the heading of this class, Dr Maryline Meyer also approaches new problematic like management of religion and spirituality in the workplace which is a rising question for managers. Thanks to academic researches made by students, she helps them to explore the link between diversity policy and global performances in organizations. The objective is to show that diversity does not necessarily bring an added value to a team or an organization but that it has to be managed.

« When I address a specific issues to my students, I question them as individuals first, and they are particularly receptive to questions such as the fight against stereotypes. They become aware of the difficulty to manage a team whose diversity is not only visible but also invisible in terms of beliefs and forms of motivations. Before choosing the human resources specialization, they learn all the specificities of the human resources function which supports diversity in organizations and awareness of all the employees on this issue ».

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