Back from Los Angeles, Paul, Bachelor student took the risk to be different

Paul is only 22 years old and he has just spent a year in the US for an internship, his experience can be compared to « The American Dream ». He just came back from Los Angeles to complete his 3rd year of bachelor in apprenticeship and tells us about his experience overseas, where he had the opportunity to manage a team, to improve his English skills but also to create a Video CV that he posted on Youtube. Today, he shares with us his journey, his successes and his failures.

« I decided to join the Bachelor program from Montpellier Business School after high school », started Paul. « After two years only, this program allowed me to join an American company and to be operational very quickly. I had a great internship opportunity in a film production company, Fallout Entertainment. Management and English classes helped me to have the necessary skills to fill a production coordinator function. »

Willing to use his experience, Paul had the idea to create a Video CV in order to maximize his chances to get a contract in France. « While working at Fallout entertainment, I could get familiar with some editing software like Final Cut pro or after effects. Working in the film industry and having all the necessary tools to make a video made me realize that I had here, the opportunity to create something that would make my apprenticeship application stand out », explained Paul. « I found that it is not that simple to stage my working experience in a Video CV. However, taking initiatives means taking risks and by trying to make some humour in the video, I ended up being far from my goal! » If he had to do it again Paul would change certain elements. « My sense of humour seemed to not really appeal to the company that I targeted for my apprenticeship. I didn’t measure the impact of the cultural differences. What could have appealed to American recruiters turned out to be unacceptable in France. Additionally, I was so confident that I did a video for one specific company. It was such a mistake! By doing that I limited its potential impact. In France, it is better to not take this kind of risks. You have to stay simple and professional while trying to stand out. The simple fact to make a Video CV allows you to distinguish yourself but it has to be of good quality and relevant. You have to prepare yourself. »

« I wanted to be different and it was a fail (laughs).  But I learnt from my mistake. I am always looking for a contract in the business area or in the events industry. I am also considering making a new Video CV that would be more focused on who I am and what I can bring to a company. »

Full of ideas and highly motivated, Paul expects to sign an apprenticeship contract in the following days, with a company that appreciates his qualities. We wish that he will find soon.