To all the entrepreneurs : The first Workshop Entrepreneur J is almost full

With the Entrepreneur J scheme, Montpellier Business School offers since the early 2000s a coaching and support program for entrepreneurs. Through the establishment of the Montpellier Business School Entreprendre Center which aims at federating all actions related to the school's entrepreneurship activities and promoting the creation of new companies, is organized the first workshop of the year for students who may have a project or are simply interested in entrepreneurial actions.

« The « Entrepreneur J » program evolves with a good dynamic in a context of strong activity in the creation of businesses among people under 25 years old and for many different reasons: be free, need of self-actualization, make money, express a passion or try to make an idea become true », says Pierre-Alain Rogel, director of the Montpellier Business School Entreprendre Center. « This year, we already have 250 enrolled students and among them, 92 have a project. Our desire is to develop the Entrepreneur J program into an incubator and therefore, offer workshops on different and open topics. The support we offer is strategic in this context and we have a real expertise in this field. »

This first Workshop of November will be facilitated by Dr Marie Breysse, affiliate professor at Montpellier Business School. The theme is « From the idea to the project: the key stages for the maturity of your project ». « This workshop seeks to demonstrate that entrepreneurs are not born but they are made », says Pierre-Alain Rogel. « That is to say that an entrepreneurial project is the result of many stages that are necessary for a business to be successful ».

After the success of the first meetings (5th, 9th and 16th of November), the Montpellier Business School Entreprendre Center announces two new dates (the 26th of November and the 3rd of December). « Driven by the desire to share and be interactive, we limited each workshop to 25 participants and we had 75 students enrolled in only 4 days. I want the participants to express themselves and to make suggestions about the themes they want to talk about according to their own project! Over time, the workshops will evolve and the entrepreneur network will grow with, of course, the support of the 285 graduates who created their own business. Thanks to the 8 workshops, we will create a real community. But nothing is mandatory: we ask the students to be proactive by already being in an entrepreneur posture ».

The Montpellier Business School Entreprendre Centeralso associates, within the framework of the partnership with the University of Montpellier and other schools from the region, to all the events related to entrepreneurship. « We are really committed in the economic development of our territory and we are open to mixing the student’s profile. The Innov’Agro challenge organized this week with the engineering schools SupAgro and Epitech is one obvious example that mixing a manager and engineer profile works well. »

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