4 countries, 4 years! Graduated from Montpellier Business in 2015, Charline was hired by 7AM Enfant in New York

As it is the international week at Montpellier Business School, it was the best time to get some news from Charline who graduated from Montpellier Business School in 2015. Now, she lives in New York and has been hired as an operation chief assistant at 7AM Enfant, a start-up based near the Brooklyn Bridge. She tells us more about her 4 years in the Master Grande Ecole Program which allowed her to discover Montpellier but also to live in Mexico, China and now, in the USA.

« I joined Montpellier Business School especially because of the opportunity to spend one year abroad during the program! », started Charline.  « At the end of the first year, I decided to go to Mexico,
at Tec de Monterrey, in Guadalajara. I spent an amazing year there, I could learn Spanish, travel and meet people from all around the world. I will always remember the kindness of Mexicans too! After this experience, I really wanted to see other continents ».

Montpellier Business School gives the opportunity to have a long term working experience in a company. Thus, she decided to go abroad another time. « I didn’t want to go work in a big group in Paris and I wanted to see China. I decided to spend one year in Shanghai, in a start-up, Senturian Solution », she continued. « The company sells video surveillance software and they have Chinese as well as European employees. In Shanghai, it seems that everything is possible. It was an enriching experience especially at a cultural level because it is very different from what we know in Europe ».

Hardly returned, Charline chose to start a double diploma program with the University of Montpellier which gives the opportunity to make another semester abroad, in a partner university. « I was dreaming to go to New York and I was selected. It is a fascinating city which really never sleeps. « I was just hired as an operation chief assistant at 7AM Enfant, a fashion start-up which creates winter accessories for children and babies. I take care of the relationship with suppliers from all around the world (procurement, stocks, sales prevision…) and I learn a lot every day.

No doubt that Charline will soon join Nadia Malouli’s team from the NY graduate branch.