Montpellier Business School 9th management school in France!

After the 2015/2016 ranking from the Financial Times, which is considered as the benchmark standard for Business Schools rankings, where we got the 41th position among the best masters in management, the French newspaper le Figaro Étudiant just released its Business School ranking for 2015/2016. We secured our entry in the top 10 of the French Business Schools with a great 9th positions among 36 schools selected that is to say, a progression of 2 places compared to 2014 (+ 4 place compared to 2013).

In a context of tension on the market at both the French and the International level, Montpellier Business School establishes itself in a group of schools characterized as being « strong and internationally recognized. » Among forty different criteria divided into six main categories: school recognition, international perspectives, professional integration, education and research, the selection and social criteria, Montpellier Business School distinguishes itself with a 1st place regarding the social criterion and is reaping the benefits of its commitment to diversity and equal opportunities.

« We are fully in line with our positioning », says Didier Jourdan, « the international perspective as well as the strong professionalization of our students which was reflected in various events organized by Montpellier Business School, to study and work on real problematic for French and foreign companies is a strong focus that we defend since many years. However, while constantly developing the academic quality of our school, our concern also is to make management studies in higher education accessible to all talents, that is to say without discrimination of any kind, especially that of money. Thus, since 1997, we made the strategic decision to develop the apprenticeship which has become the number 1 leverage of our equal opportunity policy and gives the possibility to decrease the cost of the studies! And we are very proud of that because it is the evidence that equal opportunities through diversity and academic requirement can be combined with the business performance of our students and the companies that recruit them. »

In 2015-2016, there will be nearly 1000 apprenticeship students and more than 90% are last year students from the Master Grande Ecole program. « I want to thank all of our major partners and all the companies that commit to train our students, on behalf of the values of openness, diversity, accountability and overall performance! ».

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