After a Master in apprenticeship, Ikram, graduated in 2015 from Montpellier Business School, joins Clear Channel

Originally from Agen, Ikram joined Montpellier Business School four years ago to complete the Master Grande Ecole in apprenticeship. Graduated in 2015, she just signed a long term contract as an Advertising Manager at Clear Channel, the company who trained her during her two years of apprenticeship. She tells us about her unusual path.

« I joined Montpellier Business School in the first year of master and I chose to do it in apprenticeship because I couldn’t afford to pay for the fees and I wanted to keep a foot in the real world », she explains. « I did my apprenticeship at Clear Channel in Paris and I worked as a Marketing Researcher. I really want to thank my managers and the team with whom I have worked during my studies and trusted me until they hired me. When you do an apprenticeship program, it teaches you how to be organized and how to be demanding with yourself, it also allows you to enter quickly the professional world because you already understand the codes. Without this dual system, combining education and business, I would not have had this degree I will receive Saturday and which makes me really proud of myself. »

« Montpellier Business School is still the only management school that allows you to make the whole master program in apprenticeship », says the 25 years old graduate. « The school, as I am, is really attached to the value of diversity which allows everyone to have access to higher education by offering various financial help. For me it was the apprenticeship and I had no other choice. The solidarity is big among those who do the apprenticeship, responsiveness and friendship too! I also live in a shared flat with one of my best friend who will graduated on Saturday as well. »

Clear Channel hired Ikram as an Advertising Manager in the Nanterre office, at the end of her apprenticeship contract. Two days before the graduation ceremony, she begins to feel some emotion. « It's something I've been waiting for such a long time because I have an unusual path. A new page is turned and my family will be there… I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marie-Claude Juanico, Françoise Doria and of course Laurence Maire. I also want to thank my parents for their permanent support and a « Big up » to my brother Ben, to my sister Btisaam et to Aurélie who will recognize herself. Thanks also to Professor Philippe Giuliani who helped me a lot for my thesis « Advertising at the service of humanitarian ».