Montpellier Business School organizes in 2016, the 1st workshop on innovation in Wine Business

At the initiative of the research group « Wine Business » from Montpellier Business School (member of the Laboratory of Excellence MRM), composed of professors Dr. Aytac Beysul, Franck Celhay William Coqueret, Léo Paul Dana, Julien Granata, Calin Gurau, T.H.Vân Hoang, Myriam Kessari Cyril Mandou, Maryline Meyer, and in collaboration with the American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE), the research Branch of Montpellier Business School organizes on the 21th and 22nd of January 2016 the « 1st International Workshop on Innovations in Wine Business ».

In a globalized market and with the emergence of new developing markets, new problems are arising for companies operating in the wine industry especially the French ones. They are indeed, not only facing the evolution of standards and regulations, but also the various expectations of international consumers. Thus, they are more than ever forced to innovate to create value.

That is the challenge and the problematic around which the researchers and professionals will work on during this workshop. « The aim of those two days is to work together, in the light of the latest research in the field, on how we can help our businesses and French wine estate to adapt to both the market and to the impact of the changes in the climate while continuing to deliver the best French products and always keeping in mind the export problematic, » said Dr. Cyril Mandou.

A number of these issues will of course be treated in terms of academic research, always taking into account the managerial application. It will also allow some participants to have the opportunity to publish their contributions, after selection, in a special issue of the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. On the themes of innovation and management of wine businesses, this first workshop will host Dr. Karl STORCHMANN, Clinical Professor of Economics at the University of New York, founder and publisher of AAWE « Journal of Wine Economics », and Dr. Leo Paul Dana, Professor at Montpellier Business School and editor of the « International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business », as speakers.

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