Nudge Challenge COP 21, students from Montpellier Business School use their Marketing skills to help the planet

Who didn’t hear about the COP21? Nobody… As a reminder, the 21th edition of the Conference of the Parties is a supranational conference on climate change. In the framework of her course « Advances in Consumer Behavior and Psychology », professor Laurie Balbo (Marketing, Communication and Selling department) decided to give the opportunity to five teams to participate to the Nudge Challenge COP21.

The goal of the challenge is to create a video (4minutes maximum) suggesting one simple action that allows to reduce climate warming.
To do so, the 25 students participating in the challenge had to find a "Nudge"*, that is to say a "boost" aimed at triggering (without forcing) a favourable behavior, with an implied leverage other than a purely rational and persuasive speech.

« I had the pleasure to be contacted by the challenge’s organization committee. They wanted to know if it could fit with the learning objectives of my course », explains professor Laurie Balbo. « The course « Advances in Consumer Behavior and Psychology » is 100% related to this challenge as its goal is to analyse the consumer’s behavior in different contexts. Fighting against climate changes is a big issue, without saying that it is The major concern of our generation, and it also fits perfectly with Montpellier Business School’s values. Marketing, and more specifically social and societal marketing offers interesting ways to achieve this goal because, in contrary to what most of the people think, Marketing is not a tool that exists only to sell sodas, laundry or cosmetics ... Whatever the result of this challenge, I am proud of the students who were involved and have worked on interesting projects ».

*to get more information about the Nudges, see the article :  Thaler and Sunstein, Nudge : Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness, 2008)