End of the school project StartMeUp, the crucial moment in front of the jury

Since Monday, Professor Paul Martin and the team of coaches from the StartMeUP project are welcoming each day around thirty entrepreneurs and PME leaders from the region for the oral defense of the StratMeUp project which is part of the second year of Master program. Let’s go back on this pedagogical project that started in September, mobilized 650 students and more than a hundred companies.

« For our students and their coaches it is the moment of truth », explains professor Paul Martin, consultant trainer in charge of the project. « We welcomed everyday this week, the companies that entrusted us to solve their business problematic for a meeting where the students could give their strategic analysis and recommendations. Some of the companies already expressed their idea to pursue the implementation of those recommendations with the Innov LR agency, a real incubator of junior advices. This project is done in a way that benefits to all the stakeholders involved! »

130 problematic generated by the companies from our region were entrusted to our students that worked in group. During the defense, the groups have 20 minutes to convince the entrepreneur or business leader in the presence of the coach that helped them working on the strategic recommendations. The analysis has to be detailed, relevant and the project achievable with the performance indicators associated.

Cassandre, Coralie, Julien, Marine, Aminata and Kevin worked on one problematic given by a graduate, Hubert Martin, in the framework of the launch of his shoulder straps range. His problematic was to internationalize his brand because it suited well to the American market. «It is really appealing and motivating to work on real projects and even more when it is for someone who went at the same school as us. It is a challenge in which we have a real responsibility. For this diagnosis, we had a lot of market research to do because we didn’t know anything about the shoulder strap market and it took a lot of time to study the accessory market and the ideal product positioning. It took a lot of organization but also creativity! We hope that our solutions will help him to develop his business on the American market and that he will be willing to go further », said Kevin who was a little stressed.

After the 20 minutes of oral exam, their first impression is positive. « It was important to present our work in a formal way… We presented with a really concrete approach and are proud of what we did. His concept is booming, I hope that we helped him to win time and money », said Marine.  In the room, the coach and Hubert are debriefing. « It was a pleasure to take part of the project with the students. In addition, they are exactly the people that I target so their perception of the product allowed me to think about new ideas and it is good. », said Hubert Martin. « It is interesting to have a fresh eye on my business and my project goal ».

StratMeUp ends this week, Montpellier Business School thanks its students, its coaches and of course all the entrepreneurs and PME of the region that gave them the occasion to participate to the economic development in France or abroad.

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