Solidarity: international students and French students from Montpellier Business School spending Christmas together.

Remember! Every year 20 French students from the student association World Connexion of Montpellier Business School, use to welcome international students at home during the holiday season. Throwback on this solidary experience at Montpellier Business School.

Catherinne Batista is a Master’s student from the Dominican Republic and tried the experience. « I am happy to study here, at Montpellier Business School, but the perspective to spend Christmas far away from home and without my family was sad. When I saw World Connexion’s project, I subscribed immediately! I spent the 24th and the 25th of December at Laura’s, with her family, near Pau which is an area that I didn’t know and where I felt like at home.

Laura is also satisfied with this experience: « Catherinne got well along with the members of my family who were really happy to welcome her. She taught my brother how to play cards and she spoiled us with products from her country, it brought something unique to our Christmas time. World Connexion has multiple projects around the year but this one is one of the best, it is a great experience! Personally, it has been 10 years that my Christmas had not been as happy as this one. I had the chance, as President of World Connexion to organise this project. With the other active members, we organized small meetings between the different tandems in order for them to get to know each other and see if they get along well. When I met Catherinne, we clicked instantly. We had a lot of things in common, she is friendly, likes to party and loves the mountain like me ».

Above the fact that she wasn’t alone during the holidays, Catherinne could also discover and understand the French culture while exploring a new region. « Laura’s family and I shared a lot during those two days and it was enriching. I spent an excellent Christmas Eve. They made me feel comfortable, everyone laughed and asked me questions. I loved the diner (I never tasted foie gras!) which was different from what we usually cook at home for Christmas Eve. I even got presents: one book, in French of course, and chocolates. I was deeply moved by that because in my culture we don’t receive presents and we don’t open them on the 25th. In my country, we open the gifts only on the 7th of January. The mountain was beautiful, I visited Pau’s castle and met beautiful people. My family in the Dominican Republic was reassured that I wasn’t alone for Christmas. So everyone was happy », she says.

To know more about the student association World Connexion who plans other projects like this one, contact Laura:
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