« I knew Montpellier Business School thanks to one of your graduates ! » Montpellier Business School presents you Professor Frederick H.Dulles

New professor at Montpellier Business School since the 1st of April, M. Frederick Dulles comes from New York and has an incredible experience in the International Business Law field. Part of the Financial Management and Law department, he tells us more bout his career and teachings.

If there was one quality that should characterize M. Frederick Dulles, it would be humility. However, one day would not be sufficient for this French-American man, born in 1942 in New York, to tell us about his rich and varied path. To summarize things up, M. Frederick Dulles began his studies at Harvard and Columbia University, were he completed a MBA in finance and a J.D (Juris Doctor) in law. After three years in the US army, he started a career in a multinational law firm Shearman & Sterling on Wall Street, where he worked during 8 years (including two years in Paris where he met a young French woman which would become his wife). « Through my profession and activities, I operated in thirty different countries. I worked for Philip Morris International until 1992 as regional legal director for Switzerland, Scandinavia, the USSR, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa which implies a lot of business-travels! ».

Finally, it is in 2003, in Charleston, South Carolina, that Frederick Dulles started his teaching career and taught negotiation classes at the Citadel School of Business. « I really liked it ! And it is in 2014 that I heard about Montpellier Business School! My wife was guide-lecturer, and one day we welcomed at our house a graduate from your school. I told him that I would like to teach law in a French management school.  He told me about Montpellier Business School and Dr David Roubaud to whom I wrote. We met for the first time in February 2015 and the 1st of April I joined your beautiful school ».

« During the semester, I taught International Business Law to second-year bachelor’s students », he continues. « In the second semester, it was to first-year master’s students with a fiscal law class in English. The idea was to teach them which elements to take into account in International Business Development or when you want to manage a global company. My approach, which fits with the pedagogical method of Montpellier Business School, finds its basis in theory but also in particular on business cases. I also teach intercultural negotiation in French and English to first-year master’s students. My goal is to share my experience by teaching them the different norms and rules in negotiation. When we negotiate with someone coming from another country, it is important to take into consideration his culture, his way of thinking, working, negotiating… Priorities are not the same everywhere! It seems obvious but you can learn it. »

Montpellier Business School sincerely thanks Mehdi Bensaid, who graduated in 2010, who allowed us to welcome this professor with a fascinating path!