« I thought the scholarship was only for excellent students! I almost didn’t apply for it… »

Valentin Foubert, 20 years old, has just joined Montpellier Business School. Originally from Bain-de-Bretagne (35), he completed two years of preparatory classes in Angers. On Friday night, he received an Excellence-based Scholarship which is one of the many scholarships Montpellier Business School offers on the basis of academic excellence and individual resources. Now free from all material contingencies for the payment of his tuition fees, he doesn’t have to worry anymore. He will pursue his dream to start his Master abroad next year (probably in China) and become an entrepreneur in the field of equipment or health!

He didn’t dream! He is one of the laureate of the Excellence-based Scholarship 2015. « I would like to thank my Management Professor, Xavier Schneider, because during my preparatory classes, it was him who informed me about the Montpellier Business School’s social policy. All the banks denied my bank loan requests, I did my application for the scholarship and came to Montpellier! If I couldn’t get the scholarship, I would have had to postpone my studies because of my financial situation. It would have been hard but I don’t have to think about it anymore! », he says, relieved.

Besides, Valentin is a committed young man. Behind a posture that forces humility, we can feel that he is a strong man with the willingness to go always further. When he wants something, he puts the efforts necessary to get it. « It has always been my mantra and it worked so far. Every day I remind myself my mother’s words « fight for what you want » – she is happy for me and doesn’t worry anymore. My little brother is just waiting for me to come back home to Britany! I think he will follow my steps. I’m active in the school through the associations, there is a great atmosphere in my class and I’m part of Montpellier Business School’s rugby team who win the CODIGE cup! ».

Valentin regrets the fact that young people don’t trust themselves as much as they should. « There is not enough hope and equality in this society! There are plenty of young people in the same situation as me, who are different because of their background and yet they are able to succeed in a Business School. Who can help them? Few professors, few schools… I’m not sure if I am an excellent student but I am gaining a lot of confidence thanks to Montpellier Business School ».

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