« Life is not ungrateful ! Even if you are different, it is important to express your talent.»

Axelle Livet is a young student in the first year of the Master Grande Ecole program. On Friday December the 11th, she received an Excellence-based Scholarship which is one of the many scholarships Montpellier Business School offers on the basis of academic excellence and individual resources. Now free from all material contingencies for the payment of her tuition fees, she however doesn’t want to do the academic year abroad but prefers to find an internship in London this summer and start directly an apprenticeship in the mass-consumption or agro-food industry.

Axelle doesn’t realize what happened yet:  « This is it! I don’t have to worry about money anymore and I say thank you to life and to Montpellier Business School. ». Nevertheless, what she takes as a chance is just the end of a long period hesitating about her future orientation. « When I was in high school I wanted to study medicine but I finally chose to study law and I didn’t like it… that is when I discovered Business Schools! I didn’t even know that it existed. I did the entrance exam by choosing carefully which one I wanted to do because of my financial situation! In my circle, I had the chance to have people who are graduated from Montpellier Business School (Lionel Ciavaldini, Romain Vachon, Florent Goacolou) and to learn about the social policy of the school. I did the exam entrance and when I was accepted I directly did the application for the scholarship because I didn’t know how I was going to pay for my tuition fees; no bank accepted my loan request. I want to thank the whole world and my grandmother who is happy now that I got the scholarship. I’m just thinking about all the people who gave me their support and guided me until now! »

The young women don’t want to leave Montpellier anymore. « This school is just great. I am involved in the student association Sup d’Eole, I practice handball, I work at the cafeteria, I live in a room provided by the CROUS and my neighbour is also studying at Montpellier Business School! I am never alone! Here in Montpellier, everyone is open, curious and without prejudices. It is a real family driven by beautiful values ».

Axelle just wants to say to all the 17 years-old kids out there to trust themselves! « At this age, if someone had told the traditional sentence: « if you want, you can », I wouldn’t have understood it, nor appreciated it. If young people that feel lost hear me or read me, I just want to tell them that life is not ungrateful, they have talent, they should dare to ask and of course work hard. Life will do the rest! ».

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