Montpellier rated among the top 3 student city in France!

A pleasant city, an ideal place to study and work, Montpellier has managed to point out its strengths to be rated at the 3rd position in the 2015-2016 L’Étudiant (French magazine) ranking ahead of 38 other French cities!

For the ninth consecutive year, L’Étudiant has screened and ranked the most pleasant French cities for students. In the latest ranking, Montpellier occupies the 3rd position in the general ranking of cities in which it feels good to study. With 71,329 students for 400,470 inhabitants (1 out of 6 inhabitant), Montpellier is ranked as the 3rd urban unit with the most student in France. The French magazine also notes that the Hérault prefecture is the 2nd most dynamic city in terms of employment over the last 10 years.

But Montpellier also has many assets in several areas. In 2015, it is particularly well positioned in terms of nights out (2nd position in the general classification and 1st position among the student metropolis), employment (3rd), studies (5th) and international influence (8th). In short, our city has a lot of qualities to confirm its position in the top 3 student cities in France.

Popular with students from France and around the world, Montpellier attracts a lot of them for its pleasant living environment and for its known and recognized student life. Located in the south of France, it enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is almost halfway between Spain and Italy. A convenient, strategic and attractive location for students from around the globe.

- Arturo, Mexican student in exchange at Montpellier Business School: « I found the city very nice and welcoming. It's pretty big, very close to the sea and there are many possible activities. In fact, whether in school or in town, there is always something to do. On weekends, I also like to travel to other cities nearby like Marseille and Barcelona. »

- Pyone Burmese student who received an excellence-based scholarship: "Compared to a city like Rangoon, in Burma, Montpellier is very quiet, that is why it is great to live and study here. The city is very beautiful, with lots of students and a lot of diversity! I immediately felt at ease. "

- Koffi, Ivorian student in the first year of Master’s: « It is a beautiful city where I feel good! And the environment is ideal for studies. At school and even in the city, people speak English, Spanish, German, Chinese ... It is very exotic and really enriching. »

Montpellier is definitely “The place to be, the place to study”!