Innovation and well-being at the heart of Dr Francesco Montani’s teachings

Dr. Francesco Montani, is 30 years old and comes from Italy. He holds a PhD in “organizational psychology” which he did at the University of Verona in Italy, he also holds a double degree with the University of Montpellier III Paul Valery. He has just joined the “Entrepreneurship and Strategy” department of Montpellier Business School. Since September, he teaches classes that are part of the major “Management of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility” to Master’s students.

« I got my PhD in 2013, I also, besides the pleasure of being a doctor of organizational psychology, have the status of organizational psychologist whose missions are to promote the well-being of employees in the company, to keep them motivated and to solve conflicts internally. After two years teaching psychology at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, I decided to come back to Europe, in a Business School in which I could use theories, research and methods of organizational psychology to train future business managers. And I met the team of Montpellier! » He says.

« In this school, I can observe steady progress in student learning and that's what I like ! Although some courses are still a little hazy for me given all the opportunities that are offered to students, I love when my students understand gradually the concepts that we are studying. I am very pleased to have apprenticeship students, who make the parallel between the concepts covered in class and tasks assigned to them at work, that's very motivating for me. The two courses I taught during the first semester are "Innovation processes in organizations" in Master 1 and "Process control and motivational orientation" in Master 2 and I really enjoyed myself. This is a serious school where students have the desire to learn, I look forward to have my new courses for next year! ».

During the 2nd semester, Dr. Francesco Montani will concentrate on his research on the following issue: “What fosters the creation and production of new ideas in businesses?” Making the parallel between well-being in the workplace and innovation.

He is currently in the process of conducting a "cross-cultural" research in five different countries to evaluate the benefits that management practices focused on comparison can have on innovation and on the well-being in the company. To the extent that the results from this study confirms the positive effects of such practices, new knowledge will be disseminated as part of his teachings at MBS. It will allow to develop, among students, the managerial skills that promote innovation, well-being and organizational performance through the implementation of compassionate management practices.

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