You can be Doctor in Finance and work on the impact of women in companies ! Welcome to Dr Moez Bennouri, new professor at Montpellier Business School

Dr Moez Bennouri joined Montpellier Business School in 2015. He holds a master’s degree in mathematics and a PhD in financial economics from the University of Toulouse 1, he taught financial economics for 20 years at both HEC and NEOMA Business School. He joined Montpellier Business School to teach Finance to last year Master’s students.

« I am a Tunisian-Canadian teacher who has always been attracted by mathematical research », he says, smiling. « But I found my limits ... those of the abstract. Like the Dr. Charles Rochet my supervisor, I turned to finance and companies. I like numbers, databases, I like to teach and explain to people inside businesses! My last scientific publication focuses on the legitimacy for a company to have good relationships with several bank ( ».

« As a teacher researcher I produce knowledge that I illustrate in my classes and then provide to businesses, » says Dr. Bennouri. « My favourite field is the analysis of the impact of information on strategic decisions and applications for both corporate finance and market finance. This year I taught my students the basics on how to manage financial risks in business! Of course, I have privileged intuition to technic. We do not ask our students to master mathematical formulas but to know how to interpret a result to make the best strategic decision and be able to argue on them ».

Dr. Moez Bennouri discovered what he calls a great dynamic in Montpellier Business School. « Montpellier Business School has its own culture, a dynamic based on humanity, a rapid decision processes and a very different innovative educational method that I have experienced in the context of blended learning. It was not very easy for me to prepare lessons without meeting my students but when sometimes I saw that I had them lost, I immediately found some way to help them and I also thank them for their work ».

Alongside his courses and research in Finance, Dr. Moez Bennouri contributes his skills to a project in which he is particularly interested about. He works on the impact of women on the company's decision relying on a data base of course! No doubt that he will share the results with us shortly. Thank you Professor.

To contact him: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it