Montpellier Business School’s specializations meet perfectly recruiters’ expectations in term of international development! Discover the International Business Model Developer specialization

On Monday, January the 18th, Paul Martin, associate professor at Montpellier Business School together with Charles Pourreau and François Caussignac launched the International Business Model Developer specialization for 58 students attending the Master Grande Ecole programme. This specialization aims at giving to the students the skills and agility to identify and adapt to value creation opportunities especially in an international context. Let’s have an insight into this specialization entirely taught in English!

This specialization is mostly chosen by international students and students doing their Master’s degree without the apprenticeship and who are looking for their first job abroad, but it is also open to all profiles including apprenticeship students who wish to expatriate themselves. French and international students are all mixed together which allows them to share about their intercultural and professional experience.

Kilian Kos, 22 years-old: « I did both an exchange year and my internship year abroad. I chose this specialization based on general subjects and on practice rather than specializing in finance. Moreover, I strongly wish to get my first job abroad ». Thibault Bargat, 23 years-old, who chose this specialization because he already works in the Business Development field in a start-up, would like to gain more skills and knowledge. This specialization fits perfectly with his career goals.

This specialization lasts 5 weeks and ends with a 6-months internship abroad. The 58 Master’s students will have to work in the sector they are interested in and in the geographical area where they would like to work. This will allow them to study the business model of the major actors of the market, their field of action, their potential targets and become experts in this sector, its related component and its international evolutions. In parallel, they will also attend more than 100 hours of complementary strategic courses taught by business managers and international specialist like Dr. Frederik H. Dulles who will teach the « Legal Issues » course. Other subjects will be taught such as « Business Development », « Targeting », « Entrepreneurship », « Economic Analysis », « Offer Positioning » and « Risk Management ». All the information collected on the studied business models, will be gathered in a written report and will be presented during an oral presentation which will be assessed on its relevance and on its shape. « The specialization starts with a small competition in the form of a business game: this year there was 10 groups of 6 students, each group had to create and develop a business model to compete with the other groups », says Professor Paul Martin.

There are 9 other specializations at Montpellier Business School which consist of one week at the school and three weeks in a company. This part of the program also includes one graded team project, one final report and one final exam.

If you need any information about the I.B.M.D specialization, please contact Professor Paul Martin : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it