Thibault, 2015 Montpellier Business School graduate, is going on a sail world tour

Former high-level athlete, Thibault Bernard has chosen to go on an unusual adventure with his friend Antoine. Both of them are from the South of France and are sea lovers who like going on long journeys. They will soon travel on an Ovni 28 from 1982, a small monocoque bought in Tahiti. Before leaving for a trip on the other side of the globe, Thibault tells us a little bit about his experience.

« I started sailing when I was little », explains the 21 years-old graduate. « I practiced windsurf at a high level during 5 years. I was vice world champion at the age of 17 and then, in 2013, I was vice champion of France and had the 3rd place in the world championship. I was 21 years old ». « I joined Montpellier Business School in 2012 through the high-level athlete integration process », says Thibault. « I quickly found an apprenticeship contract at Terre et Nature voyage where I was in charge of the Nature Kite subsidiary. My contract finished the 31st of October and it was a good experience. I met amazing people and I will maybe work for them again in a few months. That is all I hope. Meanwhile, I have new projects especially the project to make a world tour ».

Wishing to sail differently, Thibault stopped windsurfing competition. Today, he really wanted to take the time to discover new countries, other ways of life, cultures and people which he couldn’t do while he was a high level performer.  « To discover new ways of life is of course a priority because we like diversity and we want to « transport » it during this trip ».

« We are not 100% sure about how our trip will be scheduled but what is certain is that we will leave from Tahiti in January because our boat is there and we already have partners », he announces. « We have many goals, but we also want this trip to be as environmentally friendly as possible with a minimalist lifestyle. We want this adventure to be eco-responsible, environmentally friendly and we want to try to show the impact of overconsumption on the planet. »

During this trip which is expected to last between one year and one year and a half, we will make many stops. « For now, we have only planned our route for the 6 first months: in January we will go to the Tuamotu Archipelago where we will stay until February / March. Then we will go to the Cook, Tonga, and Fiji Islands. We will arrive in Noumea in June. After that, we are thinking about going to Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Oman, Greece or Italy before returning to France. ».

Last we know is that the two men left Raiatea on January the 21st and arrived in Moorea for refuelling. This weekend, they should sail toward the Tuamotu archipelago.