Sonia, apprenticeship consultant for Montpellier Business School, went on a humanitarian trip full of diversity

Vacation club in Spain, tour package, Mediterranean cruise ... When Sonia Bressey goes on holidays, none of this is part of the schedule. Apprenticeship consultant since two years at the Development and Companies Department of Montpellier Business School, she opted for a stay based on humanitarian and diversity in an area of the world were we usually don’t go for tourism.

« I went there for two weeks with the association Sanghaseva which organizes meditation retreats in France, England, India and Palestine ». It is precisely in Palestine that Sonia chose to spend her vacation with the goal to help local farmers to harvest their olives. « In our group of ten people, there were people from England, Israel and I was the only French person. We woke up every day at 5 :30 am to meditate and then join the farmers to work with them in the olive tree plants. « In the evening, they used to join us to discuss, share and talk about their families. They were very welcoming and generous », she adds. « We also visited south of Palestine and the region of Hebron. We finished our stay in an Israeli-Palestinian community in the desert near the Dead Sea ».

For her first time in this region, Sonia had a purpose, even if she did not know what to expect once there. « It's been a long time that I wanted to do this, to better understand the situation there and see how I could contribute to improve things », she explains. « It was my first humanitarian trip. I met many people, both Palestinians and Israelis, who have found ways to live together despite their historical differences ».

During those vacations driven by a strong sense of diversity, Sonia was able to make the link with her professional activities within Montpellier Business School. « For me, diversity is an important value and I think we can always find solutions together. In our programmes, there is a lot of diversity and in my work with the apprentices, I can see that this is something they face regularly and on which we support them. »

More and more employees from Montpellier Business School commit on the behalf of the values of diversity and equal opportunities. Thank you to Sonia for sharing with us her experience.

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