World Nutella Day ! Antoine, Bachelor apprentice at Ferrero tells us about his position as an Area Manager for the brand.

A recent study from the C.R.E.D.O.C (French research centre) shows that more than 1/3 Western countries children eat Nutella at snack time. Is that random? Certainly not. Ferrero, like few other brands, is one of those who never seems to age. Creative, innovative, gourmet, Ferrero brands are unavoidable on segments of chocolate confectionery, chocolate spread as well as seasonal products. On this World Nutella Day, Antoine Bourg, Bachelor apprentice, tells us more about the position of Area Manager for this famous brand!

Antoine is 22 years old and after a two-years diploma in business, he decided to join the last year of Bachelor’s which he did in apprenticeship. Chocolate lover, he submitted an open application. « I am simply delighted to have joined this group, a market leader and one of the most successful companies since the second world war. I discovered its history of the brand since 1946 and finally could understand the word serendipity (the art of triggering innovation by chance, that of the effect of the sunlight on a hazelnut-based preparation (and not chocolate!) ».

Antoine tells us more about where this World Nutella Day comes from: « The idea came from a blogger (Sara Rosso) who decided to co-found with Michelle Fabio the site. Its purpose is to celebrate the famous Ferrero hazelnut spread on February the 5th, and encourage users to share their passion through photos and videos. »

After being Sales Promoter, Antoine is now an area manager who is responsible for developing sales for the brand Ferrero in 25 hypermarkets and supermarkets in the Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur region. He supervises a Sale Promoter and negotiates Ferrero product ranges distribution opportunities: « I think that when you have a commercial mind-set, you have to like the product or at least the brand! For me, Nutella is a legendary product, but don’t imagine that I gained 10kg by working there! Ferrero is a family business that likes open applications and regularly look for good elements. It is a creative company that innovates in terms of products and packaging. My interlocutors in stores like this company for the simple reason that it has a real strength that is in its history, but also in the quality of its products. Nutella is a loss leader with a strong penetration rate in homes. It's a really nice firm recruiting in all countries of the world!