Montpellier Business School received the encouragement prize in the "Corporate and Social Responsibility" category of Campus Responsables

Last January, in the premises of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, Montpellier Business School has received the encouragement prize in the "Corporate and Social Responsibility" category sponsored by Veolia. The aim of this international event was to promote and encourage the campuses with the most exemplary commitment and the most advanced practices on various aspects of sustainable development.

Marketing and Communication teacher at Montpellier Business School, Catherine L'Ecuyer received the trophy on the behalf of Montpellier BS. « Campus Responsables awarded the educational initiative that I took with my responsible marketing mix course that I teach to second-year bachelor’s students », she says. « The students had to set up a diverse team to write a summary of a report on responsible marketing and finally, to produce a video that delivers eco-responsible advices for Levi's customers. I am very proud of my students and I would like to thank Sophie Gosselin, responsible for Health, Handicap and Sustainable Development at Montpellier Business School, for her support. »

The other projects that also confirms the strong link between Montpellier Business School and Campus Responsables which is the student well-being Tour de France. Like 5 other Business Schools in France (EM Lyon, Kedge Business School, Centrale Sup Elex, Centrale Lyon and Neoma Business School), Montpellier BS decided to engage in this project to work on one problematic: wellbeing has become a key topic in business but what about school campuses? The emphasis was put onto creating a prevention and overall responsibility division within the student council. « Our goal is to educate all of our students on the various risks they face in their everyday life. In that sense, many actions are and will be implemented: surveys, on-site prevention, first aid training, prevention against addiction, moving closer to the Red Cross organization, personal and corporate e-reputation ... », says Sophie Fournials, who is in charge of the coordination of the associations of the school.

As part of this Tour de France, each pilot campus organizes independently and according to its own culture, but each one offers personalized support and can talk about the other pilot campus on what worked or not, why and how to improve things. The goal remains to help for setting up innovative and sustainable actions. Montpellier BS thanks Campus Responsables and its partners for this idea to go further in its responsible practices.