Decathlon Business Game: selected among 110 other teams, they need your support from Sunday, February the 14st to help the association Montpellier Culture Sport Adapté

Cindy Maxime, Nina and Anaïs can be proud of their first semester. These first-year Master’s students have successfully completed the first stage of the season 5 of the Business Game "les coéquipiers" organized by Decathlon, partner of Montpellier Business School. They were selected in the top 20 out of the 110 teams who participated in the challenge. They tell us about their motivation and give us some details about their innovative and attractive project.

« It all started when we received an e-mail, last November, which gave us information about the Business Game. I found that it was an interesting teamwork experience were we could work on real problems regarding the company. I asked my classmates to join me in this competition », starts Cindy. « This year's theme is: "Customers and employees, the ambassadors of tomorrow". The aim is to create an innovative concept which would turn customers and employees into ambassadors that would represent Decathlon brand spontaneously. We were inspired by the website "Decathlon creation" and created the "Décat'box", that is to say a "sports box" which contains 5 items on a theme (fitness, cycling etc.). The idea is that you can find in a box products prototypes developed by customers or employees of the site "Decathlon creation" and that other customers or employees tests them and then provide feedback to refine or not the various prototypes »

The jury visibly enjoyed the project as it successfully completed the first stage of the competition. Cindy, Maxime, Nina and Anais have to work on the second phase of the project to try to stand out against 19 other selected groups. « After this step, five teams will be selected and if we have the chance to be selected, we will go to the Decathlon’s headquarters, in Lille, to work on our project with experts before presenting it to a jury. Meanwhile, we have to create a 3-minute video presenting our idea, our personalities and the Association Montpellier Culture Sport Adapté that we chose to represent because it helps people with disabilities to get out of isolation by practicing sports. If we win the contest, the association will win 8,000€ and such an amount of money would allow them to buy new sports equipment and to develop the association. "

The Sport ‘Talon team is coached by Dr. Julien Granata, professor at Montpellier Business School. « A big thank you to Mr Granata for his help and many tips because it helped us a lot to define a concept related to the theme. It also means that we constantly had to rethink things over and it paid off! »

For the second stage, which will start this Sunday, February the 14th, participants’’ communication skills will be challenged and all the videos will be submitted to the vote of the community. Cindy, Nina, Maxime and Anaïs will therefore need you. Be ready!

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