Why companies should invest in customer experience to improve their reputation: conference on customer satisfaction by Yves Lavail at Montpellier Business School

Yves Lavail who graduated from Montpellier Business School in 1986 gave a lecture about customer satisfaction to Montpellier BS students. Having spent most of his career in the health field, in a major US laboratory, he is now a recognized actor in the field of customer satisfaction. Primarily interested by transmission, he presented to the students the new trends in terms of customer service in large and small companies.

« I didn’t remember that this amphitheatre was that big », says Yves Lavail when welcoming 650 students and professors, « and I am happy to be here today ». During one hour and a half, Yves Lavail explains the impact of new technologies (call centres, e-commerce, social media…) on marketing and customer service. Through his personal experience and examples from Apple, BlablaCar, Carglass, Air France and many other brands, he rose the question of the transition from traditional marketing to network marketing. « The member is the boss » « The customer is the boss » are his mantras. Companies like AirBnB are born to respond to customer dissatisfaction in one sector or one brand. The arrogance of some brands (Nokia, Kodak) killed some companies. « Customer satisfaction goes beyond random customer service, it involves all the stakeholders and all the members of one company. To listen client's ability to speak about us and recommend us is now a skill that can not be read in conventional satisfaction surveys. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a reliable indicator to discuss these concepts and in particular those able to develop positive recommendation. It has become a strategic tool for anticipating developments in a world increasingly uncertain. »

Yves Lavail commented. « Marketing budgets in the future will tend to decrease in favour of events, customer experience and this has already begun. Each brand speaks of its values through an employee or a service ... one satisfied customer shares his satisfaction with at least 5 other people, customer dissatisfaction is based at 11% on how he felt treated by the brand, 98% of unhappy customers won’t buy your product anymore, 81% of consumers who have switched brand say that the company could have done something to retain them ... the new reality of the collaborative economy reached all the brands that have now to measure, act and improve customer relationship to impact on the company's profits!

Something these young managers and consumers should think about as they don’t ask themselves « what customer experience did this brand make me experience? » anymore. Thank you Mr. Lavail.
To know more about Yves Lavail : http://yveslavail.com/