Le Point magazine ranking: Montpellier Business School took 9th place (three places up from last year)!

The annual ranking of the French Magazine Le Point has just been released and gives to Montpellier Business School a nice 9th place among the management schools (+3 places compared to last year, +5 places compared to 2014). After the rankings from Le Figaro (9th) and Challenges (8th), this ranking confirms the fact that Montpellier Business School is one of the best Business School in France and abroad (Financial Times).

« The know-how of Business Schools in terms of pedagogy and professional integration was proven long ago. Nevertheless, we are doomed to constantly adapt to our markets with always more creativity and agility. The core of our business is to train people to get the skills expected by businesses and territories », said Didier Jourdan General Director of Montpellier BS. He added: « The digital economy challenges the organizations and businesses. The appearance in the ranking of new criteria including digital, entrepreneurship and professionalization is a strong sign of the changes that we are experiencing and the challenges we face. It's an exciting challenge! »

Montpellier Business School is thinking on how to face significant social issues. « We are working with all our stakeholders (students, partner companies and universities) on what will be the pedagogical method used in the future, the skills to develop in an economy where knowledge is accessible to almost everyone. These issues question the role of our teachers, the tools available to them, the power of research in management science and, of course, the future skills of our students. »

The results in terms of diversity and equal opportunities policy and the many innovations that MBS will announce in the coming weeks will show how innovation is present in all the areas of activity of Montpellier Business School.

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